Monday, 1 April 2013

Scam Alert - Craig Hill & China Daily Mail Are Fraud Fronts

Hello All, 

     I am writing this "unusual" blog only to warn you about someone I have known for over 12 years in Australia and 2 years here in China. In fact, he was the one who persuaded me to come to China to teach. He claims to be a "corporate trainer" and an "Editor" (of his own blog called the China Daily Mail) but here is the truth, and why he is not to be trusted nor believed...

     In reality, Craig is a former prison guard from down under and if you ask him why he lost that job he will change the subject.  If you ask what qualifies him to be a "corporate trainer" he will show you a phony resume that does not mention he was a prison guard or a citizen who had "problems" with the authorities in Brisbane and Sydney - in fact the true reason why he came to China.  In Australia he used different names including Craig Hillier, Kenneth Craig Hill, Ken Hill, Craig Hill, and Greg Hill. Here in China he became "Craig Hill" and for all I know he uses other names as well.

     As the self-proclaimed editor of China Daily Mail he cuts and pastes dozens of articles from Xinhua, Asia News Service, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc. and publishes them under his own name after adding only one or two sentences and changing less than a dozen words in a 500 word news brief. In most countries this is called Plagiarism  But in China we all know it is called "normal"

     Before I explain why I am turning against my former friend and exposing his deceitful ways, you should also know that he goes by the names of "Traveler" at and as "Chaofan" at (two forums in China).

     If you read his blog and take screen capture prints as I did, you will see that he also talks about "doing business" with "Mona" and a few other people.  What kind of business? Well Craig had an affair in the past with a woman known as Rebecca Tang who is the owner of the infamous China ESL agency which has a horrible reputation for exploiting foreign teachers in China.  You can Google "Rebecca Tang, scam, Beijing, China ESL" and read the horror stories for yourself or you can click on these links for a quick overview and see her signature on a contract that take 66% of a teacher's salary and her own written post, admits that she charges money for invitation and release letters (a blatant violation of China law)

     Even though Craig and Rebecca broke up they remain friends that f*ck and they do business together. Craig posts ads for her and collects 1,000 yuan for every foreign teacher he refers to her.  But he plays a far more important role for Rebecca at Echina Cities, Beijinger, and most recently at his own China Daily Mail... He deletes, blocks, or attacks anyone who tries to expose China ESL and his source of extra income.  Just read what "Chaofan" has to say about Rebecca at the Beijinger and how even after the 66% fee was exposed, he continued to defend her!  At he just blocked and then deleted posts about China ESL made by 12 different people and recently another poster named "Shining Brow" even asked him directly if he had a "vendetta" against the China Foreign Teachers Union at this link:

"Odd Traveller - you seem to have a vendetta against them, just as you've said they have a vendetta against the Beijing agent.

I've been over their website before it was brought to my attention through here, and the claims made at Chinadailymail don't add up!

To add to the comments made on that link, I'll say that there is nothing indicating 'guanxi' was used on that Chinese headmaster... in fact, I read it as straight out threats. A very different take on it. It may also (though, obviously, this is just me making a jump in logic) that while the threat paid off, said headmaster was able to pull a string and have the visa's influenced.

I'm still not seeing the dark and evil forces at work that you seem to. (btw, yes, the article did report inaccurately... so why shouldn't they 'attack' - or, in reality, point out the crap that was written about it)"

     The "article" Shining brow refers to is one that Craig concocted to smear the China Foreign Teachers Union at his Daily Mail site.  But here is where it gets really down dirty and foul...

7 people responded to defend the China Foreign Teachers Union at Craig's own China Daily Mail where he falsely claimed that the CFTU:

*  Charges membership fees
*  Collects money (from unspecified sources)
*  Scammed people (unnamed people)
*  Tell people not to use lawyers (100% false)
*  Its directors were deported (their visas were simply not renewed - nobody was "deported")

     The seven posters included user names "Daniel", "G.Wilson", "Kevin", "Cricket", "Volunteer039", "Tina", and "Katherine", the last of whom was the girl who rang the alarm at in the above link about China ESL and Rebecca Tang.

But AFTER these 7 posters shot down his claims that the CFTU was a sham, and AFTER Shining Brow challenged him at ECC and AFTER he lost his arguments at the Beijinger, Craig merely put on his "Editors" hat and reworded the posts of the 7 people at the China Daily Mail to support his OP!!!!!  How do I know?  Because I am "Cricket" and what appears on his CDM blog today is not at all what I posted!  I complained to Craig and he told me "Mind your own business and stay out of this" and he was truly pissed that I could actually disagree with him about something in this world!

     So I then complained to another party that Craig had boasted he blocked at ECC - The China Scam Patrol...

     They said they would check it out and I later find out that Craig had the balls to do it to them as well!  They said they recovered screen shot prints from cache and will publish what was originally posted.  I did manage to get a PM to and from G.Wilson (one of the other posters who had his post "revised" by Craig. He can be contacted directly at  G. Wilson and he will gladly confirm that what appears at Craig's CDM blog is NOT what he posted.  We are in the process of contacting the five other posters as well and will follow up with a second post soon.  BTW... Here is what I really posted at China Daily Mail before Craig butchered it for his own convenience:

"Nobody that I can see has yet claimed to be cheated of anything. What exactly is the scam? Also, right on the homepage of the CFTU  it says "Membership is free".  Why are you fabricating all this shit about the CFTU Craig?  How much is Rebecca paying you this time?"

     Anyone who wants to communicate with me can do so at:  Cricket  I really don't know what China Scam Patrol posted but I am sure if anyone contacts them at it is probably much different than what Craig put up on his blog!  Here is one of many ECC posts where Moderator Craig (Traveler) banned posters and locked the link to protect his friend and former lover Rebecca

     As you can see, being your own "editor" and moderator has its perks! What is truly evil is that he hides as "Traveler" to put up a slander post referring to an article at the China Daily Mail that he himself wrote and then edited five times to cover his tracks and plug the holes that everyone was poking in his "story".

Prison Guard Craig Hill Thinks "Editing" Equals Censorship!

(This is prison guard Craig in the background photo and above. When he landed in China he magically transformed into a "corporate trainer" and "editor"  Anyone who wants more photos of Craig can send me an email)
UPDATE - April 6th, 2013: A CFTU member contacted us today to say she attempted to defend the CFTU at both the China Daily Mail blog and at and her post was not accepted at either forum.  We invited her to post here and she said she would. (Remember, Craig Hill is a moderator at ECC who uses the name "Traveler").

SIGNIFICANT  UPDATE - May 5th, 2013:

As "Kenneth Craig Hill" Craig Hill was official found by a Queensland Court in Australia "to suffer from disabling mental disorders" and he even admitted it  in his bid to collect on a fraudulent worker's compensation claim. Details can be found below and by Googling "Kenneth Craig Hill, QLD".  So either Craig really is mentally disturbed, or his first scam attempt was against the government of Australia.  Read below...